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Why Use Snapchat Instead of Text?

If you’ve ever wondered why people use Snapchat instead of text, you’re not alone. Millennials, for example, prefer this social media platform to text. Text messages are boring and oftentimes too serious to be interesting, and Snapchat’s enticing features make it easier to engage in interesting conversations. And if you’re someone who enjoys privacy, Snapchat is acceptable for you!

One great reason to use Snapchat is the ease of flirting. It removes the pressure of awkward silences and distractions, and the recipient can respond at their own pace. You can even remain mysterious while flirting via Snapchat, as the recipient doesn’t know you’re waiting until you can open your message. Besides, it’s fun to be witty and flirty on the app, which will give you an edge over text.

You might find that your guy doesn’t text you back right away, but that’s just because he’s shy. You can ask him out on Snapchat instead unless you feel comfortable talking on the phone. He may be talking to another woman or texting another woman. Besides, you never know who he’s chatting with on Snapchat! Besides, the only way to tell if he’s really into you is to save your chats.

The other reason is that men are more visual than women. And women like to feel sexy, and Snapchat offers special effects for this. A man who flirts on Snapchat will be more likely to respond if he is able to see that she’s cute. In fact, it’s the visual element that draws the most attention. It’s no wonder women love to use Snapchat as their primary social media.

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