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Which social media management method to choose in terms of cost and effort?

These days, social media has become a major aspect of almost everyone’s life; in the U.S. alone, social media is used by 70% of the population, which is 231.47 million people.

As the popularity of social networks grew, so did the market, and the attention of potential customers, it was more and more difficult to win, the classic methods of advertising ceased to work, and people easily bypassed television advertising, or all the various advertising banners. Since then, business owners faced the question – what is the method to win the interest of potential customers, to their products/services. Advertising competition was growing, and there was a struggle for attention, which came up with a variety of methods to advertise their brand.

In the course of the struggle, a great idea was found – start an advertising campaign within social networks. Company owners and small businesses realized that it was better to advertise their brand where people pay the most attention to information, where they can be at any moment, regardless of time or their location. That’s how SMM was invented.

Now, any self-respecting brand, from small businesses to the largest companies, has its website, and most importantly, many accounts on many popular social networks, where they daily share with readers different content related to their brand, direct or indirect advertising of their services or goods. Social media has helped many companies gain fame, popularity, and respect, but it is also at the hands of public opinion that some companies have lost their reputation and their greatness. Social media is a powerful tool that can both create an empire and destroy it.

Not all business owners are able or want to develop their social media, or maybe they’re worried that doing something wrong can give them a bad reputation among their audience. Especially for cases like this, a whole new industry was founded, offering to take over the management and development of business accounts on social networks.

After many years of development of the SMM sphere, the competition has grown a lot, which today raises the question: “What method of social media management to choose?”, now there are a large number of different agencies, platforms, and freelancers, offering this service, but how to choose the best option?


Very rarely, business owners are personally engaged in the development of social media accounts, usually, only a start-up business can afford it, because, with any growth, the responsibilities increase, and with so much work alone cannot cope, after which the question arises: “Do I need social media management near me?” in 99% of cases, the answer is “no.”


Agencies is a proven option, which often does quality work, the main thing that the agency was experienced and with experience, as well, according to deal with your account in the social network, it is no secret that not every agency will agree to conduct any business account, there may be different conditions or requirements, also, for quality and manual work, have to pay a high price, and it’s not just about finances, but also about time. Analytics, content writing, and frequent contact with the client take a lot of time.


Often, one platform is unlikely to be limited to one, as each has its range of work, and the SMM profession must conclude many responsibilities. But not every platform provides an employee either, some work will still have to be done by the business owner, which makes this option expensive and time-consuming.


Freelancers are good if you do not need a stable worker and a personal approach to work, but not every freelancer will agree to do everything at once, and it is unlikely to have time, and keeping a whole staff of freelancers is extremely expensive, maybe even more expensive than agency services, in addition, freelancers is a real lottery, you never know if an experienced and reliable person will be found. Also, there are often additional costs, such as paying for a work platform.

Modern service:

If we talk about a modern service, CONTENIVE comes to our mind. It’s a company that contains everything necessary for stable development. The main feature of the company is the artificial intelligence, which is engaged in a major part of the work: the analysis of the growth of client accounts, analysis of competitors, analysis of trends in a particular social network, and the selection of topics for publications, which, are written by a team of professional copywriters. Such mechanics allows doing the work quickly and, most importantly, is not expensive while combining the work of a whole agency and many different platforms on a single site CONTENIVE.

We have described each of the methods of social media management, and, most importantly, answered the main question: “choose in terms of cost and effort?”. All methods require cost and effort, except for the last, except costs, which requires nothing because CONTENIVE can work completely autonomously, without labor for the business owner.

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