What is the Best Way to Solve Missing DLL Files Errors?

If your computer keeps giving you missing.dll files errors, you may be looking for a solution. Fortunately, there are many solutions for this problem. Some are as simple as reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Redistributable, while others require you to use a tool called DISM. To determine which of these options works best for you, try the methods described below.

Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Redistributable

If your computer keeps showing error messages related to missing dll files, the problem is likely caused by the Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Redistributive package. Many applications on the Windows operating system require this program, so you may be seeing multiple entries in the installed programs list. If this is the case, reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ may fix the problem. However, you must remember that uninstalling the program may cause the application to malfunction.

Many DLL files contain a reference to another DLL that is related to the current DLL. The file itself is a Dynamic Link Library. DLLs are part of the Visual C++ library. Each DLL is a different program, but it is related to the same program. To fix the error, you must first remove any malicious software from your computer. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Redistributable.

Once you have removed the from your computer, restart your PC, and check if the error has been resolved. If it has been several hours, a reboot may be all that is needed. Another possible cause of the missing DLL files is that you accidentally deleted a DLL. Windows is designed to protect its DLL folders from accidental deletion. However, if you believe you have deleted the DLL, you can still restore it from the Recycle Bin.

Using DISM

You may have noticed that your PC is showing missing DLL files errors when you try to run applications. If you have the same problem, you should try to fix the missing DLL files using a DISM tool. This tool is used to fix missing system files when SFC cannot solve the problem. To run the tool, you must open a Command Prompt window and type and on the command line.

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete a DLL file. In this case, you can restore it from the Recycle Bin. You can also use System Restore to undo changes you have made to important files, such as the DLL. By doing this, you can get rid of the error and fix your PC. When you run the tool, you must follow all instructions carefully. Otherwise, the errors will continue to appear.

Another way to solve missing DLL file errors is to download and install the file from the manufacturer’s official website. The download may be outdated or contain malware. If you install the wrong version, you could end up with a corrupted system. Then, you should restart your computer to restore the missing DLL file. You can also try the same solution for missing DLL files by uninstalling the application.

Rebooting your computer

The most obvious solution to DLL error is to reboot your computer. Performing a reboot usually fixes minor glitches. If your error message is ‘DLL is missing’ or ‘Not Found’, this simple action is often the best way to fix it. In some cases, users may have accidentally deleted their DLLs and they cannot access them. Windows protects these folders, but it is possible to restore these files by using a restoration program.

Another solution to fix missing DLL errors is downloading the correct version of the missing.dll file manually from the Internet. You can find a wide range of DLL files on the Internet, but only a few are trusted. If you are downloading a file from a system other than your own, make sure to download it from a trusted site. This will ensure the integrity of your PC and prevent further errors.


If the error is not resolved by restarting your PC, try reinstalling the application. However, this method might not work for small applications. If you have a large application, reinstalling the application will provide a fresh DLL file. The process is simple and requires no more than a few seconds and clicks. This is the simplest way to fix missing DLL errors.

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