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The Pros and Cons of Selling Skills on Amazon

Amazon developers are freelancers and dedicated individuals who build and maintain their own skills. Skills do not expire, which is an advantage for them. Developers who want to offer a skill for sale should choose a payment model that is favored by consumers. Developers may opt for one-time purchases, which is similar to the way players buy candy crush hearts or bonuses in a mobile game. Then, they can repurchase the skill for additional use.

The main drawback of Amazon Skills is that the platform does not have comprehensive privacy policies for kids, which is contrary to child protection laws. The privacy policies for Amazon Skills are generally lacking, as less than a quarter of them provide details about what kind of data developers receive when they use the platform. This makes it possible for developers to bypass these privacy policies. Researchers also note that Amazon does not limit developers to a dozen projects. However, it has imposed some limitations.

While Amazon Skills are free to enable, some may require a subscription to use them. For example, Spotify offers free basic features but charges to download specific songs. The Amazon Skills platform allows users to create their own voice experiences with the help of developers. Amazon’s website also provides information and templates on how to create a skill for Alexa. After you complete this process, you can publish the skill in the Skills library. You may even sell your skill for a profit on Amazon.

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