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The Best Entertainment News Websites

There are a few top-tier entertainment news websites, but which ones are really worth checking out? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones. The Variety website is a great place to get your entertainment news. They cover everything from international film and television news to tech, gaming, and music. You can also find interviews with celebrities and episode/film reviews. The site is well-respected in the entertainment industry and is worth a look.

Pitchfork: If you’re a music fan, you’ve probably heard of Pitchfork, an online music magazine founded in 1996. Often dubbed the “most trusted voice in music,” this website covers hip-hop, indie rock, electronic music, and pop culture. Pitchfork is also one of the top destinations to find the latest news about artists. The site features thoughtful reviews and has an extensive database of artist news.

TMZ: Whether you’re into reality TV or celebrity gossip, TMZ is a must-read for fans. Founded by Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., this site offers all the latest information about celebrities, TV shows, and movies. Their “Viral News” section keeps readers updated about the latest viral videos and celebrity gossip. The site also covers fashion and music, with sections devoted to the industries.

People magazine: Another popular entertainment news website is People magazine. This site focuses on movies and celebrities from a geek and genre-centric perspective. Besides the news about movies and TV shows, the site also features a blog and reviews. In addition to covering film events, Moviefone also includes articles about personal tech, music, and business. It also has sections dedicated to fashion and style. It’s also worth checking out because it’s the only entertainment news site for conservatives.

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