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JYP Entertainment Controversy Revealed

A recent issue surrounding the new girl group, NMIXX, has sparked a flurry of controversy. The basic concept of the group was accused of plagiarism, and the MV characteristics were said to have been lifted from LOONA. Other issues related to the group’s controversial music style, which was similar to that of aespa, also sparked a backlash from fans. Luckily, a number of Kpop experts have stepped in to shed light on the controversial debut of the group.

Fans were outraged by the selection of TWICE’s former trainee Momo, who wore a hanbok identical to that worn by TWICE’s Jisoo. JYP later apologized to the viewers for the controversy and added Momo to the final line-up. The initial audience thought that Twice would only consist of seven members, but the producer revealed another two members during the airing, naming former trainee Tzuyu as the group’s eighth member and netizen-eliminated trainee Momo as its ninth member.

The singer, Park Jin-young, recently explained his disappointment in the success of Miss A. He said that he only smiled when his song hit the charts. In an interview with a Korean radio station, he even revealed that he has an impersonator who is playing Park Jin-young, a member of the group’s executive board. Park’s comments have left Jessi speechless.

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