How to Buy the Best Raincoat

A rain jacket is a water-resistant garment that protects the upper body from rain. A raincoat must be in your closet, whether you are a minimalist or a fashionista with a significant wardrobe.

Women’s rainwear for rainy days is important, as it safeguards them from unwanted diseases. This rainwear is also easily available at affordable rates. Below we discuss the top factors to consider when buying a raincoat.

1. Water-Proof or Water-Resistant?

Raincoats are available in two main forms;

  • Water-resistant

Water-resistant jackets suggest it has a low protection level. This material withholds a small rain but might leave you soaked in a heavy downpour. This jacket has a DWR coating that needs to be re-applied as it is not permanent. This coat is ideal if you mostly do not deal with much rain.

  • Water-proof

On the other hand, waterproof raincoats are incorporated with the latest technology and tested in various laboratories to confirm their authenticity. These tests are done using hydrostatic tests that determine how long certain fabrics can hold water. Jackets exceeding the 3000mm mark are waterproof, but the numbers can exceed 25000.

2. Shape

The next thing to consider when buying a raincoat is the shape, which significantly affects how you move while wearing the jacket. You are advised against buying short jackets as they might make your pants and legs soaked. Also, avoid buying coats that are too long as they might hinder your movement.

The best raincoat should have a pleasant frame. Kindly ensure it has enough room for easy mobility when wearing it. Also, ensure it is not overtight to prevent water from getting through its sleeves.

3. Function

It will help to decide the jacket’s main purpose before buying it to make a more informed decision. It would help if you thought about the instances you will be using it when checking different stores to make a better decision. Deciding its purpose will enable you to put your preferences first and create the best budget.

People who use these jackets more during summer should opt for long and waterproof designs for the best effect. These individuals are also advised to spend more since a high-quality jacket will serve them better during this season.

However, you should opt for a light and water-resistant jacket if you want one to match your office outfit. Neutral colors match almost all outfits, and you should consider them.

4. Pockets

Pockets are prideful assets in a raincoat since they allow users to store their valuables. Users can store phones and other gadgets without the fear of being destroyed. Pockets also act as hand warmers.

You are advised to check for pockets on all the coat’s sides to pick one with the best function.

Final Thoughts

Buying a good raincoat is not as complicated as we make it. You should know what you want and consider the above points to make a more informed decision. The above article has discussed the top factors to consider when buying a raincoat, and you can reach out for more information.

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