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Do Nice Cars Get You Laid?

If you’re wondering whether nice cars will get you laid, look no further than this study. Women are highly attracted to men who have classier cars than the average man. According to the research, a Mercedes C-Class gets eight out of ten votes from women. A Fiat Multipla got only four points. So, what’s the takeaway? Nice cars make men more desirable to women. But what about a BMW?

Men have always tried to use their car’s sex appeal to their advantage. But while women love the look of a man in a luxurious car, not all men can afford it. So, how can you make up for it? By finding the right car for your sex life and matching it with a woman’s tastes. This article outlines the best cars for getting laid – and they’re affordable.

Men who drive a Corvette or a BMW M6 attract both wild and practical women. If you drive a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord, you’ll get more looks from both men and women. However, a BMW M6 Cabriolet can attract the attention of even the most reserved females. It’s no secret that nice cars make a man look more attractive and attract women.

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