How To Find The Right Speaker For Your Event?

Picture this: you spend months putting together a perfect conference. You advertise it all around social media, talk about it to people around you, and do everything to create a buzz around the event. It takes a significant chunk of funds and much more effort to put it all together.

Now, all you need is the right business speaker to make the event all shiny and engaging for the audience.

So, you spend considerable time on Google, furiously checking queries like ‘how to find a business speaker for an event.’ It’s what led you here.

So, here are some points to help you make the right choice!

When trying to find a business speaker for your huge conference worth your dime and time, make sure to ask yourself these questions. After all, you are about to spend a minimum of $500-$5,000 on this person!

Will the speaker create a worthwhile conversation?

Many speakers learn their speeches from start to finish, perhaps by standing in front of the mirror and practising repeatedly. So, it’s understandable that they repeat the same speech at every event.

Why would anyone want to attend an event to listen to a speech that they can watch on YouTube while binging on ice cream?

It would help if you had a speaker who is passionate, enthusiastic, and committed to creating a conversation that adds at least 2 cents to your event.

So, it’s essential to question your prospective speaker about what kind of speech they plan to deliver. This will give you a fair idea of whether or not your audience will genuinely engage with the person, thus turning the event into a huge success.

Does the speaker care about the audience?

Speakers are often put on a huge pedestal by their audience. But, there is so much one can do in a 60-minute-long speech.

It’s better if the speaker is excited about connecting one-on-one with the audience post the event. This can only happen if they hang around once their speech is done and care enough to connect with the audience, answering their questions.

This humanises the speaker, making them more of a regular person and less like a noted personality.

Is the speaker’s speech aligned with the goal of your event?

This one is a prominent factor! Why would someone go to a business conference only to sit for a speech about the entertainment industry? It makes no sense, right?

So, hiring a speaker whose content does not match your event’s requirements is no use. Instead, it’s critical that your prospective speaker understand the kind of event you are organising, familiarises themselves with your goals, and ensure that their speech lives up to it.

Do you think your speaker is flexible?

Hiring someone who expects you to pamper and cater to their extravagant needs will not pose as an easygoing, fun speaker. Flexibility is of great importance.

Now, if you are wondering how to figure that out, all you need to do is focus on the first couple of interactions with the prospective speaker. After that, if they pose unrealistic demands and throw tantrums like they are some big Hollywood star, it’s time to cut them loose.

Individuals like these will only create more hurdles and hoops for you to jump through later.

Wrapping up

Don’t think of the most renowned names in the industry when hiring a business speaker for your event. They don’t need to be suitable for your event.

Make sure to judge prospective speakers based on their authenticity, flexibility, and concern for the audience. It’s also essential to ensure that their tactics and goals align with what you expect!

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