How to Find Tech Job Opportunities in Europe

There are several ways to find tech job opportunities in Europe. The best way to find such opportunities is by joining a job-hunting group in your country. For example, you can join a tech job group in the US and get job alerts straight to your inbox. These groups will also let you upload your resume and submit it to companies with a few clicks. While general remote job groups may be hit-and-miss, you can always join the group for European residents.

One great city to find tech job opportunities is Copenhagen, Denmark. The capital of Denmark and the largest city in the country, Copenhagen is connected to Malmo, Sweden, by the Oresund Bridge. This city is home to several billion-dollar tech companies and the annual TechBBQ, the largest startup and innovation summit in the Nordic region, is held here. Additionally, Copenhagen has a thriving tech scene with many accelerator programs, coworking spaces, and government initiatives that support innovation.

Another option for finding tech job opportunities in Europe is to join job search communities on Facebook. Most tech start-ups post their job openings on these groups, and you can also find a developer’s job on a Facebook group for the region. These groups are great places to find remote IT positions in Europe. You can also look at tech start-up websites such as AngelList or The Muse. You can also find remote IT companies on social media.

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